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The custom adjustable butt pad for the Desert Tech SRS is ready! The picture shows a complete unit mounted on the SRS, a complete unit to the left and the slider plate off the attaching plate. Its great for making adjustments from shooting prone to bench. Also in is the custom Single Shot Block for [...]

Precision Arms is Now a McRees Precision Dealer!

Precision Arms is now a McRees Precision dealer. We will be building rifles using Remington 700 5R barreled actions, the M40A1 sniper rifle, and new Rem 700 receivers with McRees barrel systems. The top rifle is a Rem 700 MLRS .338lm, the middle rifle is a Rem 700 build with a McRees .260 barrel and [...]

Precision Arms Long Distance Shoot
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We had our Precision Arms monthly long distance shoot today and again had a great time.  Here are a few images from the day including the ‘snake skin’ rifle a Remington 700 5R .300wm precision rifle with Nightforce scope and a custom .243 with a Leupold Blood Splatter scope and a HS Precision Blood Splatter [...]

If you are looking for a tough, very stable bipod that has extra adjustment options and is affordable, consider the Atlas bipod.  Its what we recommend for your long distance rifle.  If you want to see them in person we have some in stock here at Precision Arms.  If you want some more background on [...]

Store Hours and the Precision Arms Facebook Page

Folks, Starting on March 1, the Precision Arms store hours changed.  We are still open Wednesday through Friday 10 to 6 and then Saturday 10 to 5 but are now closed on Tuesdays.   Also, we haven’t been doing too many blog posts but have been posting lots on Facebook.  If you have a chance, [...]

The Election and Gun Sales

Based on the media reports gun and ammunition sales have increased significantly since the election.  From the information available from  the State (of California), they aren’t up as much as the media is saying…but here at Precision Arms semi-automatic rifles and shotguns are moving very fast.  This is especially the case with AR’s, M1A’s, and [...]

Precision Arms Remington 700 5R Build, Nice!
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How beautiful is this!  Remington 700 5R .308, XLR Tactical stock, Nightforce NXS scope in the Pelican case package all ready to go!  We’d love to hear your comments on our Facebook Page.

Mossberg 464 SPX Project Gun
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At Precision Arms we’ve been working on a Mossberg 464 SPX lever gun for one of our customers.  So far we’ve smoothed the action and then added a large loop for the lever.  Action on lever guns can be a little rough…not now!  Its smooth as glass!  Our gunsmith has also extended the lever so [...]

Mossberg 464 ZMB and the Mossberg 464 SPX

Just follow on to the last post …the Mossberg 464 ZMB is the zombie version of the the 464 SPX and we have more coming into the store.  Call or stop in to see it but hurry!  These are going super fast!   Also we just couldn’t bring them in without getting some Hornady zombie [...]

What do you think?  The new 30 - 30 Mossberg 464 SPX
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Ok, its here!  We have the new  Mossberg 464 SPX tactical lever gun.  Yeah, I know it seems like an oxymoron…people either love it or hate it…but this tactical lever action rifle looks pretty cool!  The Truth About Guns did a review on the rifle here.  Below are some pictures of the one at Precision [...]