The Remington 700 Milspec 5R Precision Rifle

The Remington 700 Milspec 5R Precision Rifle
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It may be that you’ve heard of the Remington 700 Milspec 5R.  If you haven’t, its an outstanding precision rifle that is a great value…especially if you are looking for something that can both be a tack driver at 100 yards and that can take you out past 500 yards comfortably.  The image on top is one of our customer’s purchased at the shop.  The target below is from the same rifle…a 5 shot group at 100 yards just after barrel break in (Remington 700 5R in .308 with a Nightforce NXS Scope).

At the shop we have quite a few variations still available.  If you’re interested in seeing one up close come on in and check ‘em out.  Here’s what’s in stock now:

300wm 26″                       $1250

.300wm 24″ threaded      $1250

.308 24″                             $1195

.308 20″ threaded            $1195

.223 24″                             $1195

.223 20″ threaded            $1195

…and a couple more images.





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